Casablanca Design Group

A New Beginning: Casablanca Announces Our New Website!

Every company goes through transitions and transformations. It’s how companies and brands stay competitive, especially in today’s market where we experience new technologies every day.

Casablanca is no different.

As you can see, we’ve undergone a transformation, and not just to our website (which, by the way, doesn’t it look great?)! In 2016, our founders Ron and Jill Pair sold the business to experienced businessman, Alston Correll. Under Alston’s leadership, we’ve experienced greater growth than in the past, and we’re planning for our future with Alston at the helm.

Now: onto the second piece of news – our new branding and website! As you can see, we’ve done a massive overhaul of our website, complete with the latest digital marketing strategies in place, as well as a modern look and feel. We’ve integrated image galleries to showcase our portfolio, featured our top brands to exemplify our capabilities, and even added in the blog to keep potential and current clients aware of where to find us!

Make sure to bookmark our new website URL so that you can stay abreast of our happenings, including events, new clients and more!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Restaurant Interior?

With our new website and highly-skilled account managers, we’re ready to take on your next big project. Casablanca is a leader in the restaurant interior design industry, and we’re looking forward to working with our next client.

Could that be you? Send us a message or give us a call at 770-423-9575 to start the consultation process!