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Restaurant & Commercial Interior Design Products

Restaurants, especially fast-food franchises, and commercial retailers require specific products that are carefully crafted to withstand high traffic volume and usage. While there are several interior design firms that may be able to provide products to meet one of these requirements, Casablanca Design Group has been creating brand-specific interior design and decor pieces for over 40 years.

Whether you’re remodeling your current restaurant or commercial retail space, or opening a new franchise location, our team at Casablanca Design Group is the perfect interior design partner to help you create an inviting space where guests enjoy their dining or shopping experience.

Choose Your Products to Create a Custom Interior Design Project

During any interior design project, our Account Managers work with our clients to determine which products will work, and whether or not we’re building a custom project or a pre-determined brand package. We work closely with each client to determine which product(s) is going to work best in the space, ensuring that the project is completed successfully and satisfactorily.

The products a client chooses for the interior design project are what allow us to create the perfect space for your business. At Casablanca, we offer upward of 50 products with hundreds of variations, including color, finish and fabric. Our products include:

Booth Styles

Our booth styles offer variations in style, finish, color, and comfort. We tailor the booths to not only suit the client’s branding guidelines, but also suit the space.

Chair Styles

Metal? Wood? Open back? The style of chairs in your space will help to determine what colors and finishes will work best in your space.


Does your business offer condiments for guests? What about silverware and napkins? No problem! Our condiment cabinets are equipped to offer your guests everything they’ll need for an enjoyable experience.

Table Top Styles

Do you want a marble finish or a wood finish? Do you want the table to be stationary or easily moved to suit various parties? Are you most concerned with price or longevity? These are just a few of the questions our team reviews to help clients choose the best table top style for their space.

Trash Receptacles

Often overlooked, trash receptacles are an important part of any restaurant space, especially chain restaurants. Our trash receptacles offer options of color and style, and can even offer space for tray/dish return that’s best for your business. Our fabrication techniques are engineered to hold up over time.

Wall/Ceiling Decor

No restaurant space is complete without decor items to bring the space together! Our team works closely with each client to carefully choose the decor options that will best work with the space, such as pictures, sconces, wall decor, lighting, or other options selected by the client.

Contact Our Team to Learn More About Our Products

Our products, all hand-crafted in our Atlanta facility, are the highest quality pieces, designed to give your restaurant or commercial space a modern appeal and a comfortable, welcoming environment. We welcome the opportunity to work with new brand concepts, and are excited about working with new clients.

Start your journey by contacting our team online or via telephone at 770-423-9575. We look forward to helping you transform your restaurant or commercial space!