Casablanca Design Group

Design & Fabrication of Interior Design Products

Any interior design project begins with consultation and blueprint design. Expert architects use the blueprints to carefully select the necessary items for restaurant and commercial space interiors, such as booths, chairs, and wall and ceiling decor. When pieced together through an interior design project, these pieces bring the blueprints to life.

At Casablanca Design Group, our team is comprised of National Account Managers, Architects and behind-the-scenes manufacturers who carefully craft each piece using the design specifications provided by the architects and account managers. We work closely with each client to ensure the proper design and fabrication of each piece necessary to complete every interior design project.

How We Provide Design & Fabrication Service

Design and fabrication is a necessary component of completing any interior design project we take on. Casablanca Design Group is a hands-on interior design firm, providing all design specifications and fabrication services on-site in our Atlanta headquarters. Our Designers are trained in both Life Safety Codes and ADA compliance. The right time to address these requirements is during space planning and preliminary Design. 

Our facility houses a wide variety of our products, ready to be crated and shipped as they suit specific projects. Our products include:

Our manufacturing team works solely based on the design plans provided by our architects. We understand the importance of following blueprint specifications, and specially train all our manufacturing associates to craft our products based on the directives they receive.

Work with Casablanca for Interior Product Design & Fabrication

Providing in-house design and fabrication services allows us to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Outsourcing often causes issues, and we believe that fabricating our materials ensures the integrity of not just our products, but also our brand.

Let us help you complete your interior design project with our professional design and fabrication services. Contact us online or via telephone at 770-423-9575 to schedule your initial consultation.