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Restaurant Table Top Style Selections

In addition to chairs, tables are one of the most important parts of any restaurant interior design project. Without tables, where will your guests enjoy their food or drink? Your guests may find it difficult to enjoy their experience at your restaurant without table tops, especially table tops that aren’t attractive and top quality.

Casablanca Design Group provides our clients with the highest quality table tops for every restaurant interior design project. Our team ensures that the table tops selected meet all design specifications, including their fit in the restaurant space, so that your guests enjoy their experience without feeling too cramped or searching for table space.

Superior Craftsmanship Creates Exceptional Table Tops

Inevitably, table tops and booth styles are going to be the first things guests see when they walk through the restaurant doors. Bearing this in mind, we always urge our clients to choose table top styles and materials that coincide with modern aesthetic, quality craftsmanship and brand guidelines. Our table tops come in not only a variety of crafting materials, but also a variety of finishes that ensure easy cleaning while remaining high quality for long-lasting condition.

At Casablanca, we understand the importance of quality table tops for your restaurant chain, franchise or independent business. In addition to our table tops, we also provide a variety of bases, specially-crafted in our Atlanta, Georgia headquarters, to suit your individual needs. Because our name is synonymous with quality, we go above and beyond to ensure proper installation of all table bases and tops to meet the project specifications.  

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