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Choose the Perfect Trash Receptacle for Restaurant Interior Design

Though often not a top consideration, trash receptacles are part of any restaurant interior design. Restaurants, especially chain and franchise QSR restaurants, have several trash receptacles stationed throughout their dining rooms to assist guests with disposing of their trash after enjoying a meal. While these may not seem like a large part of your interior design project, choosing the perfect trash receptacle requires special attention.

Our team at Casablanca Design Group pays attention to the small details, such as dining room trash receptacles, that are inherent to any interior design project. We offer a variety of trash receptacles, available in any finish that suits the project specifications.

Trash Receptacles: A Necessary Part of Any Restaurant

Choosing the ideal trash receptacle may seem like a non-issue, but at Casablanca Design Group, we understand that it’s an integral part of any dining room transformation. After all, where will your guests dispose of their trash after enjoying a meal in your restaurant? How often does your staff visit the trash receptacles to empty them?

We offer 6 trash receptacle variations, specially designed to suit any restaurant’s needs, which are available in over one thousand color and finish options. During the consultation process, our team will determine which receptacle is best for your franchise, and help you choose finishes and colors to match your brand guidelines, ensuring that all of the pieces of your interior design project fit together perfectly.

Let Casablanca Help Choose Your Restaurant Trash Receptacles

While often overlooked, trash receptacles are an important part of any restaurant interior design project. Our team at Casablanca will help you choose the best option from variations to ensure that your restaurant has everything it needs for your guest’s to enjoy their dining experience – and keep them coming back for more! D

Let us do the planning and heavy lifting for your restaurant design project. Schedule your initial consultation via telephone at 770-423-9575 or online. We’re looking forward to working with you.