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Signature Booth Seating Styles for Restaurants

Providing enough comfortable seating in your restaurant space is the best way to not only ensure that your guests enjoy their dining experience, but can have long-term, lasting effects on repeat customers. After all, if there’s nowhere to comfortably sit, how will your guests enjoy their dining experience in your restaurant?

At Casablanca Design Group, we understand the importance of booths in any restaurant space. Our booths are specifically designed with our clients’ needs in mind. We offer a variety of booth styles, as well as variations in color, finish and cushion in order to fit the space and seating requirements provided by our clients.

High Quality, Stylish Comfort in Your Restaurant Seating

When choosing seating options for your restaurant, whether it’s a new restaurant or an existing one undergoing a remodel, you want to choose not only high quality materials, but also craftsmanship. Integrating high quality anchor seating, like booths, provides guests with a comfortable dining experience and invite them to return with any sized party.

At Casablanca Design Group, we understand the importance of using high quality materials to create restaurant seating options that boast excellence and comfort. We offer our clients ten (10) standard booth styles and can custom design a booth to your specifications, ensuring that your selection provides your customers with modern aesthetic and comfort for lasting relationships. We take special care when creating your blueprints to work within the space constraints of your space, paying particular attention to the height, depth and width of your booths, as well as insuring that aisles and spacing meet both Life Safety Codes and ADA requirements.

Our booth seating variety includes:

  • Single booths
  • Double booths
  • L-shaped booths
  • Corner booths
  • Circular booths
  • Horseshoe-shaped booths
  • Varying back heights
  • Varying depths

Each of these variations affect how well the booths fit into a client’s space. We understand the importance of a tedious attention to detail, and provide nothing except the best quality of service to our valued client brands.

Get Started on Your Booth Seating Selection

Our Account Managers will walk through all of the details of your booths to make sure that they fit your restaurant space. We work closely with each client to ensure not only the quality of our booth seating, but also the quality craftsmanship and how it fits into the space.

If you’re ready to start looking at the booth seating styles we offer, contact the Casablanca team online or via telephone at 770-423-9575. We provide interior design services across the United States, and are looking forward to working with new clients!