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Custom and Standardized Condiment Cabinets for Restaurant Groups

What makes a meal in your restaurant? It’s typically not always the food, because what good are french fries without ketchup, or a hot dog without mustard? What about napkins, forks, spoons and knives? It’s often easier to put these meal essentials in one central spot, allowing your guests to easily access these items as they’re needed for an enjoyable meal. While a delicious meal is mostly about the food, if your guests aren’t able to find the accommodating items with ease, you could be losing guests, and with them, revenue to continue growing your business.

At Casablanca Design Group, we understand the importance of condiment cabinets as part of your restaurant interior redesign package. Our team will help you decide on not only the best style of condiment cabinet for your restaurant, but also the perfect placement within your restaurant to place your condiment cabinet. Let us help you choose the perfect way to display your restaurant’s designated condiments with a specially-designed and hand-crafted cabinet from our selection:

No One Matches Our Quality Restaurant Condiment Cabinets

Quality is the key word when planning your restaurant interior design. Quality craftsmanship and installation guarantee that your time, effort and money aren’t sacrificed. Quality materials mean long-lasting finishes and condition for years to come.

Quality is the name of our game at Casablanca. We go above and beyond to ensure everything we provide our clients is quality, from the initial conversations to the manufacturing and, finally, to installation. Our team takes great pride in providing the highest quality service and products, creating a beautiful interior design that follows our client’s branding guidelines while also welcoming guests to visit again and again.

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