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Program Rollout Services at Casablanca

The goal of any interior design project is to create a welcoming, comfortable space for guests to enjoy their dining and shopping experience. While a complete interior design package allows us to create a space to meet these specifications, the program rollout is where the finishing touches are put into place.

Our team at Casablanca not only understands the importance of every program rollout, we work closely with our clients to ensure that each new program is properly executed and debuted.

Successful Program Rollouts with Casablanca

The scope of our interior design projects are often complete packages, and our account managers create a timeline to complete all aspects of the project to meet the deadlines set by the client. Because many of our clients are franchise and/or chain restaurant brands, the culmination of the project is often expressed with a celebration, or what we refer to as the “program rollout.”

While a grand opening celebration is a type of program rollout, other program rollouts include a new product (i.e., McDonald’s McCafe, Burger King’s Smoothie Beverages and Self Ordering Kiosks) that requires new designs, such as wall decor. Our program rollouts include:

    • Finishing touches on the interior design
    • Coordination of any punch lists with general contractors
    • Replacement of worn tables, chairs and other furniture to bring more value to your rollout
    • Integration of new furniture pieces to suit the new program

Each of these steps helps to ensure a successful interior design project, allowing our clients to announce their new programs and products, and welcome guests to their new business.

Schedule Your Program Rollout with Casablanca

At Casablanca, we not only provide complete solutions to our clients, but also assist with new program rollouts. Each program rollout is completely unique, just as each store has its own unique presence. We work closely with each client to ensure that not only are their interior design needs met, but that their business is ready to welcome guests.

During an initial consultation, our team will review the entire scope of the interior design or rollout project. Contact us online or via telephone at 770-423-9575 to start planning your interior design project.