Burger King Brand Concepts

Summer and Casablanca Design Group Sizzle!

10% Off any approved BKC Dining Room Package

Down payment by July 15th & Take Shipment by September 30th

  • Minimum purchase $35,000/package
  • Applies to Equipment only
  • Discount not available for freight, packing and crating or local sales taxes
    where applicable
  • Available for Garden Grill, Royal and Sizzle dining rooms
  • Orders not shipped by 9/30/24 will incur storage fees

For More Information
CONTACT: John Harrison 770.337.0931

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Burger King is one of our favorite brand concepts, and we’ve been one of their preferred vendors since 2000. We’ve created several design packages, which can be found in many of their existing franchises. Our interior design packages for Burger King include:

  • Garden Grill
  • Royal
  • Sizzle

Let Us Transform Your Burger King Dining Room

Burger King is a valued Casablanca brand, and we’re always excited to invite new store operators into our business. If you’re opening a new Burger King restaurant or are interested in updating your current store, we’d love to discuss your options. Contact John Harrison online or give us a call at 770-423-9575 to schedule your initial consultation.