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Restaurant Chair Styles for Interior Design Clients

What’s a restaurant without a place for guests to sit? Though many take-out restaurants offer limited seating for their guests while their meals are being prepared, more restaurants require large seating areas that include both booth style seating and chair seating for their guests.

At Casablanca Design Group, we work with restaurant brands that require a variety of seating options for their guests. Our clients include McDonald’s and Burger King franchises, where guests order at the counter and enjoy their meals in the dining room, where they can choose from freestanding chairs and tables or more comfortable booth [link] seating. We offer a wide variety of chairs to suit every restaurant style, from casual to classy.

Quality Restaurant Chairs for Quality Restaurant Brands

No restaurant interior design project is complete without the selection of chairs for the interior of the restaurant. Does your brand require wooden chairs or metal chairs? High back chairs or low back chairs? Plastic or vinyl cushion coverings? These are just a few of the questions our National Account Managers review with our clients, ensuring that we’re providing the perfect chairs to accommodate the interior design project.

In our Atlanta headquarters, our manufacturing team assembles a wide variety of chairs that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the interior design project. We take special care when assisting our clients with their chair selections, such as:

  • Size
  • Height
  • Depth
  • Width
  • Amount

It’s especially important to remember that since the chairs are to be utilized in high-traffic restaurants, their materials need to be able to withstand excessive use. We take this into consideration when making recommendations and during manufacturing so that our clients are pleased with their selections.

Select Chairs for Your Interior Design Package

As we’re moving through the selections for an interior design package for a restaurant, our team will review the various options we offer for our clients’ chairs. Depending on the specific needs of our client’s restaurant, we will assist in the selection and creation of the chairs, following up with the shipment to the location and the installation, ensuring that all project guidelines are followed to the point.

Contact our team to start searching for the perfect chairs for your interior design project. Schedule a consultation online or via telephone at 770-423-9575 to learn more.